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FS: Bushwacker EAF's

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Bushwacker EAF's for sale

Set of Bushwacker Extenda Fender flares in very good shape for sale. Simple remove old and install these in existing holes. No drilling at all but you'll need to trim your rear mudflaps to fit. Super easy. The first $175 takes them and they'll be off this weekend. I'm replacing with Cut Out flares. Located in Middletown, Ohio.
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do u have any pics?

Are you guys wanting close ups or just pics on the truck?
This pic sucks but you can email me at [email protected] and I'll send a larger pic.


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Bump, somebody needs these.
I would take em, but I think my wife may have gotten me a brand new set for X-Mas. If you still have them after X-Mas, and I mean like early morning of the 26th, I will take em off your hands. However, I know how hard the holidays are on the wallets of us all, so if you need to sell em now and you have a buyer, do it. No hard feelings.


Hey man I got the 881's the other day, they are in awesome shape, look forward to installing them when I finish rebuilding my rear springs. Here's a bump for you.


Glad to hear it bro. They're pretty easy to install, hope all goes well for you.
Posted before but I can't find it. $200 obo or trade for some 4.56 or 4.88s for non TRD front/rears or rear locker. They fit 95.5-04 Tacoma's. Located in Middletown, OH but will be in Livingston, KY on Jan. 23rd. Email me if interested at [email protected] since I can't seem to ever find my responses here. They're in very good shape, only scuffs can be seen up close.
you are selling bushwacker fender flares for 200??? i need a set, but i want them to be mint condition...
Email me and I'll get some pics to you.
[email protected]
They're not "mint" but they are in very good shape, slight scuffs can't be seen when they're cleaned up. I went to the Cut Out flares, that's the only reason I'm selling. Otherwise they've been terrific.
terminator said:
Posted before but I can't find it.
Did you try to search or display msgs posted by you
The price went up from $175 to $200???

4TACXOMA4 said:
The price went up from $175 to $200???
I couldn't remember what I posted them at before and I couldn't find my original post. I sold them for $175.

UPDATE, the guy that was buying them I can't get a hold of and his cell is no longer in service. They're off and ready to ship out. $175 + shipping or trade for a locker, or gears.
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