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**This item was spoken for by 98 Taco, but after committing himself to buying it, he made me wait 3 weeks just to find out that he didn't want it, so it is up for sale once again**

This is a full gauge cluster out of a '98 Tacoma 2.7 4x4 5 speed. I believe it has 55k miles on it and will work on any '98-'03 Tacomas. It has tach, digital odometer/tripmeter, and all warning lights. It will only work on 4 cyl. Tacomas but will work for those that don't currently have a Tachometer, just swap the dashes. It will also work with all 2.7 autos if you don't care about having the shift indicator lights. It is fully warranteed, very clean and in great shape.

I bought it from a recycler in New York to swap into my Taco, but unfortunately my '97 (manufactured in 6/97) has a mechanical speedometer. Toyota told me that the cutoff date for mechnical speedos was 5/97 and that 6/97 and later trucks had digital. Not so I guess.

Located in Provo, Utah.

I paid $95 for it, but for $80 shipped, it's yours.

I can accept payment via Paypal, money order or personal check.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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