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What Do you need parts for?

  • 1979-1983 Toyota Hilux

    Votes: 4 12.1%
  • 1984-1988 Toyota Pickup

    Votes: 10 30.3%
  • 1984-1989 Toyota 4Runner

    Votes: 10 30.3%
  • 1989-1995 Toyota Pickup

    Votes: 7 21.2%
  • 1990-1995 Toyota 4Runner

    Votes: 2 6.1%
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79-83 4wd fender flares sold
leaf springs sold 84-88 1 pair left
3 SR5 84-88 speedos sold still have a turbo sr5 auto speedo tach gage left for sale
3 22R headers sold, 3 left
2 gas tank skid plates sold 3 left
IFS locking hubs sold
blue dash pad sold, 1 grey one left 84-88
LSPV sold, 1 79-83 style which has 2 lines no bleeder, and one 84-95 3 lines and bleeder left
2 22R valve covers sold 1 left
22RE distributor sold
3 backing plate shims sold 7 left
2 84-88 heater core box assemblies with heater core sold, 1 left
2 4x4 oil pans sold, 2 left
2 windshield wiper cowl panels sold 1 left red
2wd oil pan sold 1 left
3 4x4 oil pickup tubes sold
2 2wd oil pickup tubes sold
3 G54 forward shift shift boots sold, 1 left
2 79-85 sway bars sold, 1 left
6 upper and lower door hinges 84-88 sold, 1 pair left
2 22R Distributors sold, 1 left
RF1A Forward shift sold, 1 left but sale pending
2 86-95 IFS driveshafts sold, 3 left

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bump been working a lot on my dd and my project rig but still have these parts for sale on the side, live buy now so been keeping up with that and little update here, sold about 60 parts in the last month but still have over five hundred parts waiting to be put to good use so let me know if you are looking for anything. thanks

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121K turbo SR5 speedo sold
Reverse sensor and wiring harness sold, 2 left
Hilux dash parts selling soon message me if youre looking
86-95 axle shaft assemblies with drum brakes sold and shipped to GA positive feedback
20R distributor sold 1 left
Last 2 IFS front drive shafts sold non left atm
2 79-85 drag links sold 1 left
79-83 front mud flaps sold
84-88 main dash plastic sub assembly sold cali, 4 left
84-88 gas pedal sold 6 left
3 22R headers sold 2 left
87 complete grey steering column with key sold
2 gas tank skid plates sold
Grey 87 dash pad sold
Front Driveshaft hoop shield guard sold 4 left
2 G54 shifter boots with base plate sold
92 shifter boot with base plate sold
89-95 shifter boot still available for sale
87 chrome front bumper sold 2 front bumpers left
6 fenders sold 1 2wd driver fender left 84-88
79-83 front fenders available
22RE engine sale in queue, 3 left
Solid front axle
Possible 4.37:1 axles may not be stock
4 84-88 gas pedals sold 1 left
2 22R headers sold 1 left
G54 RF1A Shifter sold, 1 left on the tranny being advertised
79-83 front driveshaft sold last 86-95 driveshaft sold same customer alaska
84-95 single cab 1 piece rear driveshaft sold, 2 left
left driver upper and lower door hinges sold, 1 pair left
22R fan blade sold, 7 left
3RZ engine transmission backing plate sold
22R 1985 Gas tank sold, 1 1987 4x4 gas tank left
79-85 driverside steering arm sold
79-85 sway bar sold
79-83 fenderwell liner splash guard panels sold
passenger side 79-85 axle shaft with backing plate and brakes sold,
79-95 4wd gas tank skid plate and bracket sold
84-88 single cab black exterior b pillar vent louvers sold
various AC components, etc sold to my returning florida customer
let me know, 500+ parts still available waiting to be put to good use
power seller status

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79 20r igniter sold none left
84 22R Celica egr vacuum modulator sold, 6 22R EGR Vacuum Modulators available
86-95 axle shaft sold, all out
79-83 battery hold down clamp sold
4x4 oil pan sold, 1 left
gas tank skid plate bracket sold
79-85 tie rod sold
79-85 passenger right side steering arm sold
4 cylinder engine backing plate shim adapter for starter etc sold, 6 left
79-85 front leaf springs sold, 1 pair left
79-83 left front fender sold, right front fender available
22R Carburetor and Intake manifold completely dressed sold, 1 complete assembly left
79-83 frame available only $100
79-83 cab available only $100 with title
2 pair of 79-85 rear leaf springs available, good arch
Solid front axle sold, plenty of parts left waiting to be put to good use.


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79-81 front grill headlight buckets bezels front bumper cab sold
79-83 chrome rear sliding glass window available

79-83 1st gen wiring harness available

81 gas tank

22RE sold $400 2 engines left
85 front clip sold with windshield $100 two front clips left
87 gas tank sold
2 84-88 windshields left
84-88 single cab floor for sale
Pending sale rear cab section and solid glass window


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Discussion Starter · #135 ·
do you have a rear sliding window latch? I'm looking for one for my 89 pickup.
thank you
sorry i dont have one but i have seen them go new on ebay for $5-$25 shipped
86-95 Pickup IFS Rear Axle Tube Sold
79-85 Rear 8" Axle Tube sold, 1 left
84-88 Lower Dash Bezel Below Steering wheel sold
84-88 Windshield Wiper Cowl Panel sold 1 left
4wd 4 Cyl Oil Pickup Tube Sold
22R Carb and Intake Manifold Sold none left ATM
2 22R EGR Valves Sold, 3 left
84-88 Drivers side door hinges sold
3 22RE Alternator Adjusting Brackets sold, 1 left, 3 without 2nd ear left
84-91 5spd Analog Speedo Cable Sold
22R Distributor Sold, 1 left
2 22R Backing Plate Shim Adapters sold, 3 left
22RE EFI Intake Manifold with upstream o2 sold
84-88 Grey Sunroof Headliner Single Cab sold, 1 left
4 Speed 20R Toyota Hilux Chrome Shift Knob Sold
Grey 84-88 DLX Steering Wheel Sold
20R L43 4 Speed Shift Lever Sold
20R Intake Manifold Sold
4wd 4cyl Toyota Pickup Oil Pan Sold
Manual Steering 79-85 Box Sold
89-95 Blower Motor Sold
86-88 Windshield Wiper Reservoir Sold
79-85 Steering Box Mount Sold
79-83 Gas tank sending unit float sold Canada
20R Carburetor and Intake Manifold Combo Sold

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Discussion Starter · #137 ·
v6 r150 bellhousing sold
2 22R w56 bellhousings sold, 1 left
G54 forward shift lever sold, forward shift g54 transfer case stick shift still available $25 plus shipping
2 84-95 transfer case cross members sold, 2 left
Toyota 4Runner Pickup Starter Relay 22re 22r 4 cyl. 28300-35010 sold, 2 left
22R fan, fan clutch and fan shroud sold, surplus left
22R Exhaust manifold sold, 1 left

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Discussion Starter · #138 ·
84-95 4 cyl front driveshaft sold
79-83 rear tail light housin sold
Toyota hilux rear window sold
22R flywheel sold, 7 left
Complete power steering setup unbolted from 84 engine sold, 84 126,000 4x4 22R for sale
2nd gen 22RE Distributor Sold
L43 4 speed 4wd hilux transmission sold
22R weber 32/36 with intake manifold available on sale

gonna help my friend part this MINT 3rd gen out

22R backing plate shim adapter sold 4 left
2 water pump pulleys sold
VSV power steering valve sold
Starter relay sold round plug 86-88 one left
22R early header sold
89-95 center console with clock cig lighter and ashtray sold
1991 rf1a 21 spline top shift transfer case from a w56b, no beating around the bush this is in good shape only 160k on the chassis daily driven
1988 3vz-e 3.0 4wd 132,XXX timing belt went engine parts for sale

W56 top shift transmission stick shift sold
4x4 oil pickup tube sold
79-85 sfa drag link sold
84-95 single cab solid rear glass sold, 84-88 single cab rear cab section sold to my returning vdub jetta customer

75-95 4 Cylinder Radiator Fan Blade Sold, 4 left

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89-02 ash tray sold
89-95 chrome front grill available for sale

84-88 Accelerator Pedal Sold, 89-95 gas pedals left
4.37:1 Differential Sold
89-95 Forward Shift Boot Sold
Pending Sale 1987 Single Cab
Vf1a and rf1a top shift tcases still available, RF1A Forward Shift from a w56 for sale
22R Weber 32/36 DGEV Downdraft Carb mated to 84 22R intake manifold Sold
got an 88 head with machine shop work in to it, spare, thinking about selling it, no valves installed, comes with cam
thinking of selling a 22R head 1984 126k and parting out 20R short block
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