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I have a hi-rise leer topper, it originally came on a 98 green tacoma. I purchased it to replace my cab high topper that is ruined (got rear ended). If it was a normal height topper, i wouldnt trade it. the problem is hauling kayaks with the rise.

The topper is in great condition.

The paint isnt faded, the arms still hold the door. no cracked glass. slider front window. rear brake light. inside light (takes battery)

my truck is black, topper green.

three appearance issues - a scrape, a bump, and peeling logo.

No keys.

Location - NWA, SW MO

Sale - 350, price is semi firm.
Trade - Tube bender (hopes are high!)
OR normal rise camper of similar shape. I will take blue, green, black, white, silver, or grey. I may consider other colors.
email at [email protected]
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