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I have a set of front and mid skid plates pulled off a 2000 tacoma. I think they will fit on a 1995-2004 tacoma. 50$ for both no dents in these and they have a fresh coat of flat black paint on them.

also have a Draw tite Trailer hitch for a 2000 tacoma. I think this will fit on a 1995-2004 tacoma as well, has been painted and has a bit of rust on it but still works great, its also been painted with spray paint a few years ago but draw tite sticker is still visible.. 50$

and I have an older Norcold MRFT-630 fridge. This will run off 12v or 120v. when the temps are above 100 it struggles a bit to keep things cold (it can do upper 40's low 50's when the outside temp is 100 or so) it will freeze the contents if you dont watch out when its in the 70-80's. Includes power cords and the basket inside. The fridge rattles a bit when offroading and i have not been able to track it down but it still works great. I upgraded to the largest Norcold MRFT fridge/freezer. I have added a variable speed dc computer fan to the fridge above the coils to increase its performance and keep the coil cooler in hot weather.

selling the fridge for 300$

I also have a trailer hitch cargo carrier for sale. its in great condition. 50$ it looks like this one made from steel

I live up near basalt CO and if i can sell all of this on the front range I will drive down to drop it off.

best to contact me by email. tmophoto at with any questions. trying to dig up some photos of all this stuff but its in my storage unit
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