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Fuel Lean Solution

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Alright, this solution came from VHR. Tey are a company that I bought my 9lbs pulley from. They say that you can solve your fuel lean problem with your supercharger by t-ing off from the boost port and running one end to the fuel pressure regulator and the other end to the boost guage. They insist that they have done over 50,000 miles of testing with no negative results on the engine. Now with that said, I did pruchase the pulley, but with brian's(URD) advice I did not install it. I have 3000 miles on my tacoma with the supercharger installed at 100 miles and have never heard any ping or knocking so far. I may not know what to listen for? I also have been getting alot of carbon build-up on my borla stainless exhaust tip, maybe suggesting it is running rich? VHR saya that with this set-up your fuel pressure will boost with your air pressure at a 1 to 1 ratio. Whether this is true I do not know, can anyone advise? I have a picture of the diagram and will try to attach it, but I do not know how right yet. Anyways cap off your port coming out of your air-intake silencer and t off the boost prot to support the fuel pressure reg and the boost guage. good luck and give me any thoughts you might have. Tell me how to insert a pic too.
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That sounds kind of like the free FMU that Gadget suggests as a minimum and mrbigbri has on his page. I never set mine up that way, but from what I have heard it is no replacement for fuel mods. I got your PM and I have been meaning to reply, but I have been pretty busy lately and limited time online. I would say not to install the pulley until you at least have the URD fuel upgrade. I know it is expensive, but it is a lot less than having to rebuild your heads or block later. If you are not getting pinging or knocking now you very well be pinging with the smaller pulley. If your temps do creep up, I would suspect your ECU will have to compensate for pre-detonation by retarding the timing and you will be loosing more power that gaining. The only way you can really tell if you are running lean is with a wideband O2 sensor or an EGT gauge. The latter is a more course type of measurement, but still something to monitor. Personally I would take URD’s advise before anyone else’s when it comes to supercharged issues. I hope this helps and maybe someone else can add to or correct my assumptions.
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