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So I'm out working on this broken UHF radio on one of our aircraft. (in Kuwait) The pilots told us the radio was not working at all, no Tx or Rx. So we go out to have a look, turn the radio on and try to call the tower. We get no response. We try to break squelch and can't. There's no static or any audio at all.

So I crawl down under the flightdeck where the avionics rack is and take a look at the radio to make sure it's hooked up right and there are no blown fuses. The guys up on the flight deck carry on their conversation. Apparently they were making fun of the guy in the tower saying stuff like, "the fucker is probably sleeping" and "He's probably reading the newspaper on the shitter"

Well I get back on the flightdeck and we all join in making fun of the guy in the tower. Then we start talking about hot girls on the base here and other stuff.

Meanwhile, I go turn on the other UHF radio, try to call the tower and the guy responds.

"Tower, this is aircraft XXXX requesting ops check on Uniform radio, how copy? Over."

"Aircraft XXX, I have you 5x5 and by the way I am not sleeping nor am I reading the paper on the shitter. Yeah the girl at the desk in the chow hall is fine too IMO. It seems you have a stuck mic (microphone) on one of your Uniform Radio's, Over"

The guy had heard our whole conversation, along with all the aircraft in the pattern overhead. Well it caused a great riot on the radio with all the aircrews in the pattern calling us to egg us on about our goof.

We didn't get in any trouble, but we have coined a popular new phrase;

"what the fuck, over?"

Apparently someone had said that at some point during the incident.

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