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I have had a sticky brake caliper for about the last 6 months. I replaced my brake pads a while back and ever since I would get a whining noise out of my brakes. Sometimes I would hear the noise even when I wasn't on the brakes.

At first I just figured it was the new pads and didn't wory about it. Then after about 6 months of getting worse I took the brakes apart. I found that one side of the pad was completly worn and the other still looked new. This was caused by the cyl inside the caliper not retracking all the way.

I replaced it last weekend and to my suprise (it makes sence but I never thought about it) my MPG increased from 17.1 last week to 19.7 with the same basic driving I always do. Kinda nice. Diffenetly a reason to take care of that squeeky front end if you have one.

Later, :)

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