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Here is a mass emailing from Lance Clifford of Just wanted to throw it up for those of you who are not registered on that board. And if you are one of those...shame on you!:mad:

As you know, I rarely send emails to all of you. However this is of
extreme importance!

U.S. Forest Service Land Use Restrictions Imminent

Did you know that our access to the entire United States Forest from
coast to coast is in jeopardy?!?!?!
We are at DEFCON FIVE with the environmentalists and the U.S. Forest

Now is the time to act!!!

I am very proud of the readers of lately. Our Land Use
forums have doubled in traffic over the past couple of months due to the
outrageousness of what is going on out there. If you haven't been to our
Land Use forums lately, I challenge you to take a look. I guarantee you
will get pissed off! When I saw the Draft Plan the Forest Service put
out for travel management on the Eldorado National Forest (where I
happen to live, and where the world famous Rubicon Trail is) that was
the last straw for me. I got pissed off and decided to do something
about it.

And it isn't just the Eldorado National Forest. Travel management
planning is going on in everyone's backyard whether it's Forest Service
or BLM. Anti-access extremists are out in force pressing for closures
everywhere. Tellico is threatened by an anti-access lawsuit. Moab access
is threatened by overzealous BLM planning. Wilderness bills are rampant
in Congress. Roadless area management is still being pushed in the
courts. Even the little recreation that there is available in our Parks
is still under attack. Check out the fight in Yellowstone.

It really is time to put up or shut up. I threw down the challenge last
month to donate in the forums, and we were able to raise about $8,000
for BRC. While that is fantastic, I think we can do a lot better.
Remember, without folks like the BLUERIBBON COALITION fighting for our
rights to use public land, we might as well take up basket weaving. Join
the Blue Ribbon Coalition and donate to the BRC Legal Fund. The beauty
of BRC is they combine all the user groups into one big fist. I stuck
$500 of my own money in the fight and you need to do what you can. If
it's $20 or $5000, anything helps!!

While you are at it, get busy with your local club. Local involvement is
where BRC does some of its best work. If you don't belong to a club, get
off your butt and join one. You really CAN make a difference!

You can join BRC and donate to BRC Legal Fund online at a secure web
location, set up just for Pirate4x4 at . It
only took me just a couple of minutes. If you aren't comfortable with
that, then call them at 1-800-BlueRib. If you can't afford to do both,
at least join BRC now and donate when you can afford it.

The members of Pirate4x4 can and will make a difference!

Lance Clifford
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