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all located in Keller Texas
More to be added later!

ok, I'm going through my piles of quality junk, I'm trying here before Ebay. all prices are plus shipping (usually runs $5 to $8 )

first up rock climbing gear, I bought it brand new, used it 2 or 3 times then got married, game over $50.00

black diamond harness (large), chalk bag, biners (x3) fiveten stealth c4 shoes size 44 (10). gear is like new, indoor stored for the last few years.

next up well worn WWII UN helmet liner (fiberglass pot) $25.00

silca road/mtb pump if your cyclist you know the value of this presta/shrader $25.00

Gray 1st gen 4runner dash cover excellent shape for dash's without clinometer $15.00 (that dark spot was a bug!) :)

overtons ski gloves new in package size large $10.00

lexus 1:18 scale IS 300 die cast auto art model 2 versions. the blue one's package has fallen in a little, car is fine $20.00 each

contact me at mvankeuren at parkplacetexas dot com or pm me
1 - 3 of 3 Posts