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Garmen Etrex Handheld GPS

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Hey guys,
I have for sale a Garmin eTrex Camo handheld Gps Personal Navigator.
I bought it originally to figure out exactly how far off my tires and gearing made my mph and just sort of to play with. I figured out my mph problem and basically dont need it anymore. I payed 120 bucks for it new and haven't even used up the first set of batteries on it. I'll sell it for 70 bucks. Here's some info about it from the website.
The most recent addition to the eTrex® Personal Navigator® series is the camouflaged eTrex. Concealed beneath the new sportsman-friendly pattern is a compact, waterproof handheld GPS—among the smallest on the market. Measuring roughly 4"x 2"x1" and weighing less than 6 oz., this personal navigator is packed with all of the features of the original eTrex, plus a hunting and fishing calculator that provides optimal times of day to plan your sporting excursions.

The eTrex offers easy, one-hand operation with buttons located on each side; logical operations, using four information pages; proven 12-channel GPS performance; long battery life (22 hours on two AA batteries); storage for up to 500 waypoints, including 30 user-configurable icons from which to choose; and Garmin's patented TracBack® technology to find your way back to your starting point.
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1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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