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Well, I just got finished installing an Autometer coolant temp gauge. Some things I learned:

Toyota changed coolant (again) between 2003 and 2004 (from red to pink). You can mix the two (it looks like rust, actually), but you lose the 'super long life' properties of the pink stuff. That means you have to change it every 30k vs every 100k. For folks like us, I don't think anyone would run coolant for 100k miles anyway. I had to go with the red, so I just lost my 'super long life' protection.

I cut the upper radiator hose and spliced in there with a special 1 1/4" OD aluminum fitting with a 1/4x27 NPT tap. Thing I learned - *tighten* the heck out of the hose clamps on the fitting. I had a small leak. Luckily I caught it early.

For anyone else who wants to run this or any other gauge, I took a piece of 1/16" aluminum and hand-shaped it to match the curves in the dashboard near the driver side A pillar. I velcro'd it to the dash, and then bolted the gauge to the aluminum. Looks OK, works well.

Next stop will be my oil pressure gauge, but I want access to a lift for that. If anyone wants pics of this job, or a detailed writeup, holler, and I'll do it. :)
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