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I called Reider Racing to hopefully order 4:88 gears and install kit for the TRD rear and they have been on back order for over a year and does not look good from that end. Is there anyother place that has the gears for the TRD rear? Already have the 4:88's installed on my D44 so changing the ratio would not be an option at this point.

Thanks for the help

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Is there a specific size for the v6 w/electric locker or can I use 8" v6 gears?
4WPW said I needed gears for 8.8 diff that is the size to fit with the E-locker.

Sound correct?

Called them back and they shipped the 8" the sales guy just said the wrong Diff size.

This SAS parts process is a pain

Thanks again Hutch
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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