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Gear ratio opinion..

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I'm looking to re-gear and wanted some direct opinions for my setup. First of all the truck is a 97' Std cab 3.4 V-6 5spd with E-locker (4.10's)..I run BFG 33x10.50x15 M/T's and do not plan to go larger..I do not drive the truck daily, but when I do drive it it's on the highway to the wheelin' place of choice..The majority of the wheeling I do is rocky, slow and technical. I'm leaning torwards 4.88's but don't want to have a real highway issue..I can't afford the transfer case direction or that would be the way I'd go..Just looking for more input..Thanks in advance..
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Go with what TRD1999 said. 4.88s if your truck is more of a trail rig, 4.56s if you still do alot of street driving. The 4.88s are also good if you are into rockcrawling
1 - 2 of 32 Posts
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