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***sorry i placed this thread in the wrong spot***

Hey, this is my first thread i have started but i need some help. I am going to be lifting my tacoma this summer. I was planning on doing a 3" body lift on it. I was going to run it on 33x12.50x15 bfg at. My truck has a 2.7L 4 cyl engine in it (auto trans), and i was wondering if anyone knew if i need to change the gearing. If i do need to change it, what should I be looking for and a ball-park price range to change it. Also I am going to be doing the lift myself and was wondering if anyone had any tips on any tricky parts to make eveything go just a little bit smoother. thanks a lot guys.
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Hey what's up? Me and Brian have the exact same truck and want to do the same things, so I figured I would post what my door says for him so you guys could tell us what our gearing is. It's "RZN196L-CRPDKAB" and "BO6A/A340E" . I may have given you too many letters or numbers, but I thought better safe than sorry. Thanx for helping with the gearing question Brian and everyone who is posting.
Brian, I have 31x10.50's also, and my truck is a 1999 2.7L 4cyl. auto.
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