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Disclaimer: I wasn't planning on doing a build thread or a step by step how to guide. An afternoon of hacking finally got these very incompatible bolt on parts together. I figured I'd share the end result to give anyone else on the fence an idea what to expect.

First the end result

Driver's Side

Passenger's Side

We didn't record any measurements so the best I can tell you is from the outside of the recovery loop under the welds that hold the front end together and past the notch that I'm guessing was meant to allow the brackets to bolt up.

You'll still need to cut off the front of the skid plate brackets. Almost back to the bolt holes and the hooks will definitely need to get cut off. With the bumper mounted you can hold up the brackets over the bolt holes and get an idea how much needs to be cut.

Before the BB IFS skid will fit under the All Pro bumper the front of the skid needs to be cut off. Hack it right at the first bend and try to mind the bolt holes at the front of the skid. The front panel of the skid that needs to be removed would mount pretty much exactly where the bumper is.

When it's all said and done the bumper and the skid should run almost adjacent. I'm sure with some better measurements and more precise equipment the tolerances could be shortened to make it almost flush.

Can't be afraid to take that new bumper and :saw:
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