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If you are into the SC, engine performance, tuning, EFI troubleshooting etc. I highly recommend that you get yourself a copy of "How to Tune and Modify Engine Management Systems" by Jeff Hartman. If you are thinking about buying the TRD SC kit, before you plunk down your money for the SC, I suggest that you buy and read this book first. While it is an easy read, this book is very explanatory and provides very useful and complete info regarding Computer Controlled EFI systems, what is going on, what should go on etc. Topics include forced induction fuel and timing mapping, sensors how they work, how to check them etc.. It also includes an excellent list of related resources. It is about the best value I have ever received for the $20 it cost me. Steve, if I were you, I would carry it at URD

I do not recommend the Shrader book that you will also find at Amazon. It was little more than a sales brochure for one aftermarket ECU and more about out of date carb stuff.

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Steve, if I were you, I would offer it from URD or even include it with your kits.
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