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i guess i can post this here, although it's a bit of an odd-ball event for this board...

i'm in a club here in new england that owns its own land ( if you're interested), and uses that land and relationships with other clubs in the area to get access to trails all over the place up here...a rare commodity in this part of the country! for the past four years, the largest fund-raising event for jonfund has consistently been this event:

Go Topless Day 5/14/11, Jaffrey NH

this will be my first year time going, as i'm relatively new to the club...but it looks pretty fun! it's got a heavy jeep lean to it, but all makes and models are certainly welcome. there are a few toyotas in the club, mine included, and a nissan club will also have representation (who knew there was such a thing?).

if you're in the new england area on 5/14 and you want to wheel, there will be trails to satisfy your desire! stocker, moderate, and hard loops have been laid out (and the hard loop is HARD), there's a rock garden, rti ramp, food, vendors (of mostly jeep shit), etc...i encourage you to come out! i'll be doing safety checks and staging for the trail runs...look for the big orange 4runner and come say hi!
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