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Grant 2001 Removable steering wheel

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Well, i live in the highest car theft area in CA or the nation or something now. All the gang bitches are into stealing cars and taking time off from killing each other (I guess they need to build their numbers up again).

Anyways, I was looking into the Grant Removable Steering Wheel setup. Anyone run this? What are your thoughts on it? I was also thinking of hanging the steering wheel around my neck with a chain to be "bling bling", but I may not go that far.

Also, are there any decent competitors to the Grant system?
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1. the spiral cable is broken, then it is non-functioning
2. the airbag is not there at the time of the change, it is non functioning

I know of one person doing it. He said he's get back to me when it is all said and done. I'd like to hear more testimonials though if there are any. I'll let you know what happens when he does it.
1 - 4 of 6 Posts
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