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Okay, before you all tell me to "search," I did. I found tons of stuff for Tacoma drivers, old and new generations, but nothing for the 4Runner. If you want to search and find me something, go for it. Otherwise, here is my question...

As you can see from my picture, I do not have the standard 10 pin connector into my 4x4 computer like everyone says. So which wire do I want? I can't seem to identify which wire would be the ground wire. I tried to check on the t-case itself, but the area is blocked with a plastic protector that I can't get off with out breaking, and that is not an option.

Any 3rd generation 4Runners out there who can help me with this one? I want to override the safety and have locker in 2HI and 4HI. Any HELP is appreciated. Thanks.

By the way, none of the wires as described that the "grey" wire might be inbetween are anywhere near each other on this plug.


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