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I'm now off and running on getting my, 1996 T100, 6 cylinder 3.4, 4 x 4 Ext cab with 101,000 miles built and back on the road. It was in great mechanical shape before I parked it 3 years ago. It has very little rust. The bed is gone, it got hit by a motor cycle and I dumped it. The interior is clean, carpet it good and dash is fine.

Here is my list of mods.
New bed
Front bumper
Custom Rear bumper
Rear leaf springs; decide if a lift is necessary
Rear shackles
Remove any rust
Convert to power locks
Convert to power window
New door panels to accommodate power switches
Sound proof cab
Convert to power bucket seats from manual bench
Paint bumpers, grill, and bed to match
New tires
New rims
Navigation system with Custom Dash Bezel
Extra lights

I am sure there will be changes and additions that pop up as I get into the build. I am mechanical but by no means a mechanic. In fact, I am going to have to learn how to do the repairs on the fly using internet forums, Youtube, manuals + pdf's and consulting experts. So that means lots of questions coming.

I will try and take as many pictures and document procedures so others can get an idea of how to do the modifications.


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First activity,

Changed oil + filter
Flushed radiator
Installed new battery
Put 5 gallons of new gas in.
Changed air filter

It turned over but did not fire, acts like its out of gas. But that can't be I just added some. Maybe it's not getting spark?

Change fuel filter
Change spark plugs, the gap is .044
Check fuses

Any suggestions on next step?

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Wow, its been awhile since I last posted. Just have been so busy at work and I started dating this new gal that I haven't had the energy to spend time posting but new developments have happened.

I think the difficulty in starting was due to gunk in the fuel lines, bad gas in the bottom of the tank or varnished up fuel injectors. Its been a month or so now and the gas flow issues have resolved. I did purchase a new gas tank, fuel pump and gauge for $200 that is super clean. I am going to swap out my dirty tank but I have been putting it off because working around gas scares the ba-jesus out of me!!

However in the mean time I started getting fault codes in cylinders 4 and 5. It ran really rough and if I hit the gas at speed or going really slow in city traffic it would die. If I feathered the pedal I could get it going 70 but I would have to be delicate.

I went on Amazon and bought some new injectors thinking that this would solve the problem. Maybe 4+5 were not getting gas properly but I didn't put them in yet.

A buddy at work suggested that it maybe the coils. When amps are drawn on them and they are faulty it would cause the rough idle and cylinder problems. Seemed plausible and after doing some reading I decided to replace the coils and spark plug wires. Bought them on Amazon for $60 all in for 3 coils and the wires.

It took about 20 min to replace them and I switched the 4+5 cylinder spark plugs with 2+6 just to see if the fault codes followed the plugs. Glad to say that they did not and as soon as I fired her up the codes disappeared and she runs like a champ.

So I need to follow my father's advice to check the simplest and cheapest things first and work to the more complex. I have $100 worth of injectors in the box sitting in the shop, what am I going to do with them now?

I ordered new front hubs from Amazon the Rugged Ridge 15001.13 26 Spline 6-bolt Mount Manual Locking Hub for $128 free shipping. Here is the link.

We shall see what they are like. My intention is to post more and shoot pictures as I do the work.

So next order of business is:

Sand and POR15 the little rust spots on the frame while the bed is still off

New springs and hardware from The Suspension King. They may be still good but after almost 20 yrs why not swap them out

New 2 inch longer shackles and ball joint spacers from 4Crawler

New shocks, not sure which kind yet will have to see what works well with the 2" lift

I'm also going to drop the rear axle housing and have it sand blasted and painted.

I will need some help with the E Brake, don't know much about it. I got a replacement one from a donor truck as mine is all rusted

OK that's it for now
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