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You don’t want to miss the 23rd annual Great Smoky Mountain Trail Ride May 12-17, 2014.
The event will be at Windrock Park which has over 300 miles of trails, so we can return to the all day trail rides of the past, at Windrock you can come for 6 days and ride new trails every day whether you are a stock beginner or a hard core buggy. This area is not Tellico but has dense forests and beautiful mountain views everyone should enjoy. We will be providing guided trail rides and for the more adventurous the park has excellent maps and the trails are well marked. For more park information:
This year we have added an Expedition Run, Tuesday through Thursday with one day of riding through the park and two days in the North Cumberland Wild life management Area, a 250,000 acre area managed by the state and two nights of primitive camping. This ride is limited to 12 trucks, so sign up soon.
The included cook out will be Thursday evening and the Catered meal and Raffle will be Friday evening.
For more information and to register go to:
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