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In one of the MANY 4x4 mags over the last few months I saw a new "product" that was made by a well known vendor, but in an area outside its realm (i.e. like Simpson and not Autometer).

It was a rubber "bushing" but sized with a center hole such that an Autometer or VDO (i.e. 2-1/16 or 2-5/8) guage could be "pushed through" from the front.

Basically it would make instrument panel creation alot easier... - no need to deal with all those "c" brackets etc... the rubber was TIGHT enough that it had to be lubed to get the guage in, (using say a little water), but once it dried - hte rubber would hodlthe guage securely... simple and ingenious...

But I cant find the mag or remember the vendor...

Anyone know what Im talking about?
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