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I ordered extras by accident from ebay:

The ad says they fit Toyota 4Runner (88-91), Pickup (82-95), Tacoma (95-97) so these cover a LOT of trucks.

So now I have a nice new pair to sell if anyone wants these. They're the "Euro style" (non-DOT); something about DOT lights needing more vertical light output for street signs or something... not sure, don't care.

They were $43 shipped per pair, so $40 takes them away (meet-up, not delivery). I was going to return them but shipping them back would make it a draw; so gimmie money and have them today!

In Colorado Springs 80908; I'll ship around if anyone wants to pay the $27 (for the lights) and whatever shipping is. I don't think it'll be $16 to ship within Colorado, so it'll be cheaper than through ebay.

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