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I am moving and am getting rid of some of my extra ham radio equipment. I have a complete MSF5000 Turnkey Repeater System for sale. Local Pickup Only (Las Vegas, NV) Model Number: C73CXB7106B $600.00

This is a complete turnkey system that is currently in service. The turnkey system includes a MSF5000 repeater on the ham band @ 146.970, a second working MSF5000 base station for parts or conversion to a repeater, 2M Sinclair duplexer already tuned to 146.970 using a spectrum analyzer, a Motorola MSF5000 test set, a RIB programming cable, a collection of MSF5000 manuals, and an antenna.

All you need to do is plug the system in and start transmitting. This repeater is already on the ham band at 146.970 with a negative shift and a PL of 100. I can program your call sign in for station identification. The system also comes with the battery backup feature although I have not used that functionality.

The system can be demonstrated so you can see the whole system working, however the unit is sold as-is, where is, with no warranty. Don't miss this deal, you won't find a complete turnkey system like this for a long time.

If you want to see pictures you can find them on my criagslist listing:

I also have some tested Motorola 16 CH Maxtrac Radios with the 16 pin connector at $65 each, and A GE MASTR II 2M repeater & Power Supply $175.
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