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It's that time of the year again, one ending & the start of a new one, time for the Hang Over Run.

This is the 13th year of the run.

The Hang Over run is always low key, totally not fast paced. This is an open run and not "vehicle specific" or affiliated with any club. The normal level of being self-sufficient is required. If your rig isn't ready or equipped please don't bring it. The last thing anyone wants to do is fix your junk at the start of the trail. Come prepared with your own tools, fluids, parts and willingness to work on your own junk.

This year we’re going out East to FJ. Much like Table Mesa & the White Tanks, LEO’s are patrolling the area these days. So have a State Trust Land Permit and hang the tag in your tow rig.

The meet up will be at the parking lot at the start of Mineral Mountain Road, just off the 60. If you’re coming from the Valley, it’s the last right hand turn off before the elevation change heading to Superior. If you get to Superior, you’ve gone WAY to far. The intersection of Mineral Mountain Road and the 60 is easily located on Google Maps.

The 2016 trail will be Upper Woodpecker. This will make it easy for the built rigs and buggy dudes to run H2H or Ajax after.

Is this stocker friendly? Probably not, your call. A Sami on 31's with a locker and gears or a full size rig with 33's and a locker would be my suggested minimum.

Body damage and breakage is always possible so no crying. Just fix your junk and move on.

Meeting date: 1/01/16 (new years day)
Meeting time is 11:30am
Pull out time is NOON sharp
CB channel is...who still uses a CB?
Race Radio channel will be given out on site

If you want to go but don't know where the start is search Google maps, PM me or ask around.

See ya'll there.

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