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Hardwiring an iPod to stock radio

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I got a new 20 GB iPod today and have been trying to research on how to wire it to my stock head unit so as to bypass all that FM transmitter and tapedeck transmitter junk. I need to know exactly what I am getting into. Including cables, converters, chargers etc.

What I am trying to accomplish is playing my iPod music through my stock head unit without losing any sound quality. I also need to know how the iPod will stay charged and where it can mount.

Here is my existing setup.

2001 Toyota stock radio with cd/tape
Kenwood 300x2 amp powering 2 JL W0 8" subs
Infinity components (no amp, just stock head unit power)

Any help would be wonderful. I want really clean sound with a clean looking installation.

Thanks for the help.

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thanks a ton for the help. It is exactly what I am after. But did you check out that price. $199! Thats almost what was paid for the iPod itself. Maybe I can find one a bit cheaper. Thanks again for the help. Really appreciate it.

Mont Belvieu, TX
just stay away from the FM transmitter. That is what I am running away from. It really sucks. Really, really, really sucks.
How do you charge you iPod and how does the PIE adapter connect to the iPod (where do the cables plug into it)? On the iPod2car, only one cable is used (the same cable that is used to connect the iPod to your computer). I have 2 vehicles and really don't feel like buying 2 iPod2car kits at $200 each. I don't care about operating it through the stock radio controls either.
spend the extra 100 bucks and get the 20gb. I paid 279 at best buy off katy frwy in houston 2 weeks ago.

mont belvieu, tx
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