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$18 for 24 hours 9AM to 9AM (no late checkout)

Haspin Acres is a large offroading area for Bikes, Quads, Trucks...
There is both a Motocross and a Supercross track for bikes and quads.
There are miles of trails for everyone from stock to heavy modded.

I was here with my wife only one day and we did not explorer even half of what is there. (We spent half the day on the two tracks.)
What we saw on the trails were dirt roads that connected different areas. We found big rocky hill climbs that were similar to Wellsville and easy woods trails with small hills.

The trailhead has restrooms with running water and showers, although I am not sure how well the showers worked.

Here is a google map link:,-85.168247&spn=0.032062,0.066047&t=h&z=15
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