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headers and exhaust

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are headers and exhaust worth buying for a 2.7l? im looking more for power gain than sound, but obviously i dont want it to sound like shit/ricer lol. which exhaust/header gives the most gain, and is it worth it to get a cat back set up, or just get the muffler? sorry if this has been beaten like a dead horse, but it seemed like each thread i read everyone was more interested in sound than performance gain... and i didnt find any threads about headers.
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yeah i went from 31s and 3.58 to 33s and 4.88, HUGE difference. i just want a little more power. arent there headers out there that arent smogable in california? thought i read it on the other board, just wanted to make sure so i dont buy them lol.

kind of off topic, but are they ever going to start making super chargers for 2.7l again?
KSTacoma, which dynomax did you go with? The size, inlet/outlet, and length?

as for taking the cat off... ive thought of a few ways to do that lol, its mostly driven offroad, but i still need to smog it so... i dont know ;)

in order to upgrade the air filter, would i have to get rid of the boxed air filter? i really dont want an fipk or whatever, because i dont like how exposed it is. right now i have a k&n filter in place of the stock one... which replacement filter would you recommend, and will it help with the air flow?

what about the deckplate mod, is it worth my time if i decide to get headers and exhaust?
it says that its aluminized steel... will i be able to mig weld it?
1 - 4 of 20 Posts
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