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headers and exhaust

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are headers and exhaust worth buying for a 2.7l? im looking more for power gain than sound, but obviously i dont want it to sound like shit/ricer lol. which exhaust/header gives the most gain, and is it worth it to get a cat back set up, or just get the muffler? sorry if this has been beaten like a dead horse, but it seemed like each thread i read everyone was more interested in sound than performance gain... and i didnt find any threads about headers.
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I have the TRD headers and exhaust. There's a little more "umf" there but not much. By the claims made by TRD I should have gained somewhere around 15+- hp mostly from the headers but who knows. I did it mostly so when I ever get a supercharger I'd be able to get all the crap out being forced in.

It was an expensive upgrade, since I went TRD, but you can definately go cheaper price wise and get the same performance gains I did.
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