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These are off my 2000 toyota tacoma, they will fit a lot of models but I do not know what they fit. Alcan heavy duty 2-3" lift 9 leaf pack springs. Includes no hardware but includes used urethane bushings with no sleeves.

I have no idea what it would cost to ship these but they are heavy. They are located in the roaring fork valley. I could probably deliver these to grand junction to vail to aspen area in the next few weeks (i usually go out in all directions at some point each month)

My truck outgrew these from too much weight and they flattened out with all the gear i carry. I have aux batteries, solar panels, charge controller, spare parts and a lot of tools and recovery equipment. the springs were flat with all that loaded.

I just boxed my frame and replaced the alcans with a new set of springs. when I took all the gear out of the back and took the shell and solar weight off, the springs gave me about a 2-3" lift.

My truck has 33" tires, timbren bump stops and in the undercarriage photo you can see a 2" bump stop mounted to the spring to reduce up-travel taken when the shell was removed (springs were not flat)

selling these for 150 bucks with used urethane bushings. I would recommend getting new bolts and sleeves or bushings but i bet these would work in a pinch. I would only recommend using the springs on a truck with no topper or a ton of gear in the back.

springs are not bent its a warping of the image from the panoramic phone shot

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