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Heim Joint thingy Idea

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Ok for those of you who replied to my "Will it Fit" post about a set of inner and outer tierods plus rack I got off of ebay for $5, I got them and looked at them and thought hmmm need to loosen the bolts up with some PB Blaster or other penetrating lube. I let them sit for 2 days went to loosen the bolts on the adjustment and the bolt snapped same for the others soo I dont think these will be useful.
I just happend to be in Tractor supply today and noticed they had Heim Joint but they were not labeled as such but as far as their function I think they might work. Hers what I'm looking at, if I remove the tie rods from the spindle and the rack and replace them with the heim joint and appropriate bolt say 5/16, would that work? In my mind "crazy" seems like it would work and be stronger than the original tie rods.

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let me get this right, instead of replacing your worn tie rod ends, you are replacing them with joints from a supply store??? my inners are worn, and i KNOW i can get "universals" from napa or some other place like that. is that right?? I think i'm gonna try.... if it will work that is.
me likey!!
damn!!! i just read dual shock, and got to thinking, we have different trucks. i have a tacoma. Is your s a taco or a truck?? If you do have a tacoma, would the Heim joints work instead of the inner tie rods, or were you going to do this for the outers only??
Well, you gave me an idea though. I am gonna make something work.... :saw: :D
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