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Hella 500's on '99 stock bumper?

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Have tried searching for this but didn;t have very much luck. Is anyone running some Hella 500's that are just mounted to the stock bumper on a '98-00'. Have read that the installation of these lights is kinda tricky? Just curious to see how it looks and also how sturdy the lights are if mounted on stock bumper. Thanks.
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Well, different year and sort of different style but I mounted my 500's behind my grill with 3 inch tabs bolted to the bumper and coming back under the grill shell....

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jon_7248 said:
That look awsome! I wantd to try to mount my lights behind the grill (when I get some) and was wondering if you can have the grill in place with the setup? If not, maybe I can fab up something when I get a replacement bumper. I just want to make the lights look somewhat low-profile (hidden) especially since I would mostlikely put strobes on them (volunteer firefighter).

Also, do you have the specs on your truck? or other pic for that matter. Those arnt 33x1250s are they?
Yah I've got a billet grill that fits with the lights behind it, I actually just got back from putting the newly powdercoated grill on and aiming my lights. (Note to everyone else, when aiming lights and/or choosing to spend time putting the grill on, leave the truck running - the battery does not like high-powered lights...) I don't have any pics yet of the lights behind the grill or the wiring or mounts or anything, I'll try to get some eventually. Here's some other pics -

The tires are 285/75/16, King coilovers, King 10" resivoir shocks out back on custom mounts with Deaver 7-leaf packs, diff drop, K&N FIPK, Flowmaster, and that's about it right now
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