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Hella 500's on '99 stock bumper?

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Have tried searching for this but didn;t have very much luck. Is anyone running some Hella 500's that are just mounted to the stock bumper on a '98-00'. Have read that the installation of these lights is kinda tricky? Just curious to see how it looks and also how sturdy the lights are if mounted on stock bumper. Thanks.
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I did too with the 500's see my sig line for pics.

synovus said:
Ummm... there's only two pics on your "My Taco" page, and neither of them shows 500's mounted to the bumper. :confused:
Crap. I got ahead of myself. I don't have them up there yet. Anyway, I measured out to the center of the bumper, then backed away from the centerline to get equadistant points. Drilled 2 holes through the bumper and metal liner, wired it up and they are good to go. I will see if I can get this crap working...

1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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