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Thanks for the greetings!

Welcome to CoTTORA, take it you drive a Jeep. Any pics/specs?
I have a 92 wrangler with 5"lift(4"spings 1" body) it has exhaust, stortshaft/slipyoke eliminator, custom sliders and front bumper, warren 8000 winch IPF headlights and 130w IPF offroad lights, Integrated tail lights, diamond plate rear body armor costom roll cage work costom paint job hand throttle. I bought it as is with 60,000 origanal miles on the straight 6, it runs like a champ. Haven't really had a chance to see how it really does on the trail; I bought it right before the snow. I had to do some axel re-alignment and add shims other than that a new set of shocks and tires and its prime:D

Lysmachia: But... Do you brew beer? Welcome BTW
I don't however I just acquired a brewers handbook, I am looking into starting.

BTW, you all know me as Robert the Bruce! I couldn't rememeber that PW its been so long so I figured I'd make a new account, appropriatly. A few months ago I sold the Taco and bought this jeep. Apperantly at the right time with these recalls. Plus the amount of BS I went through with those front wheel bearings I couldn't feel more relieved. Depending on how my Job status changes I hope this summer we can get some wheel'n under our belts!
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