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truck ~n~ tow
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Roll up that Hemet Jeep Club sponsored trail on the west face of Mnt San Jacinto ?
Maybe even a short break n some plinking in Bee Canyon, before heading up to the trail head ?
Watch out for errant quads an such hauling ass down hill on the one lane shear drop westerly facing road.
Only license road vehicles are allowed up that trail... But lots of irresponsible tards out there. But I wouldn't recommend driving off the edge to avoid them from hitting you. Slow and easy makes it safer.

The HJC trail ends at hwy 243 north of Pine Cove. It's not real long... but is purdy and fun to roll back in/up there.

It's somewhat more challenging when snow is covering the trail. But it needs be done before it becomes blistering hot again... soon

Dry run shouldn't too difficult. Prolly a locked 2wd could do it, but 4wd causes less terrain damage.

When summer arrives... you'll want to go west and up.
So hook up with TTORA for the companionship and assist.

TTORA is a great choice to learn from and ShowStop is a good trail organizer/leader.
Anyone would do well by heading his trail stewardship/advice.

Accolades to Tyler for staying involved and keeping TTORA alive. You 'da Man :clap:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts