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Help!!! How screwed am I?

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Help!!! How screwed am I? UPDATE

Ok, I ordered a pair of Fabtech AAL from summit on Sunday. Today they got here and everything is fine only that in the box there is only one AAL with hardware for two. So I call up summit assuming its shipping in another box so I ask for a shipping # or when one might be avalible. Well turns out it shipped with two in the box, they called Fabtech and thats the only way they sell through summit. So summit is placing a claim with UPS saying one was lost on the way. Summit is now outa stock of them and it will be a week before anymore come in. Summit says call back in a week that the UPS thing should be done with and that since they should have them in stock that I should be able to get a shipping # for a new one. They didn't say anythin about paying for it or shipping so I am guessing it is free. Also the box looked fine, although after I hung up i did notice that where it had copper staples in it that the were holes next to the ends as it it could have had larger ones before and someone opened it and sealed it with smaller staples.

You guys think I will get the run around or that summit is going to handle it fine? This is only the second time I have ordered from them and the first time I have EVER had a problem with getting truck or car parts mailed.


So I got the box from NV today about a month after ordering them. They don't have a tracking #. Should I risk being charged for them by keeping them or pay to ship them back?
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I think you're getting a little excited here. If the replacement part is on the way, summit has done their job. They shipped me 2 sets of rear flares for my 98 once, and took care of it no problem. Keep in mind, pretty much anything being shipped in the upper half of the eastern united states is pretty much screwed up by the snowstorm that just rolled through.
Sorry, it just makes me chuckle a bit. I actually work for a company similiar to summit, except we only deal in BMW's. One piece of important advice I would give is this. Always talk to the same person. If you call in and just talk to anyone, you never know what kind of answer you will get, especially if it wasn't that particular person's sale. Don't get me wrong, I would be hounding them too, and if they have given a bogus tracking number, I would certainly be asking for a supervisor. But did they actually charge you for the second set? If not, they will likely need a return tracking number on the first package before they will release the second package. This is pretty common mail order parts stuff, nobody gives away free product unless it's so cheap it isn't worth the return shipping.
Hold onto it, I actually bent one of the old style short aal's once. You never know what may happen if you decide to start jumping your truck (how I bent one in my 84 toy)or something.
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