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Land Rights Network
American Land Rights Association
PO Box 400 - Battle Ground, WA 98604
Phone: 360-687-3087 - Fax: 360-687-2973
E-mail: [email protected] or [email protected]
Web Address:
Legislative Office: 507 Seward Square SE - Washington, DC 20003

Grassroots ESA Coalition Works To Fix ESA


*****After reviewing this message, please return the information at the
bottom with your name and address, town, zip, phone, fax and e-mail. Be
sure to let us know if you want your organization to be listed as a
participant in the Grassroots ESA Coalition.

Are you concerned about the Endangered Species Act? If so, you may
want to consider participating with over 300 other organizations already
part of the Grassroots ESA Coalition.

Congress is getting geared up to modify the Endangered Species Act.
Several bills have been introduced. The debate will be furious during
the first two years of the Bush Administration's second term. Many
landowners and users of the Federal lands have felt powerless to
influence the course of events.

Over 300 organizations got together in 1994 and formed the Grassroots
ESA Coalition to help guide the direction of the ESA debate and the
final result in Congress. After reading this material we hope you feel
that you and your group should become a participant.

Please examine our Mission Statement and a short list of a few of the
organizations who are participants in the Grassroots ESA Coalition.

If you feel comfortable with the goals and perspective of the Grassroots
ESA Coalition, please fill out the coupon at the bottom of this message.

There is no charge to join the Coalition at this time. However, it is
very expensive to pay for the conference calls, printing, postage and
telephone charges for faxes. It's likely that over one million letters,
faxes and e-mails will need to be sent over the next year. It could be
well beyond that. Your contribution of $500, $200, $100, $75, $50 or
$25 is entirely voluntary but is really important to make sure Congress
hears your voice.

There is a great deal to do and very little time and money to do it.
Your participation will help broaden the Coalition and quickly give us
more credibility in Congress.


A diverse and large coalition of organizations representing everything
from environmental groups and property owners to farmers, ranchers,
miners, loggers and outdoor recreationists has publicly unveiled
principles for establishing a new way to conserve our nation's
endangered species.

The Grassroots ESA Coalition organizations united to promote these
principles so that the old Endangered Species Act could be reformed in a
way that benefits both wildlife and people, something the old law has
failed to do.
The old law has been a failure for endangered species and for people.
It has not led to the legitimate recovery of hardly any endangered
species while costing billions of dollars and doing tremendous harm.
The old way destroyed trust between people and our wildlife officials.
We need to reestablish trust so we can conserve wildlife - no program
will succeed without the support of our farmers, our ranchers, our

The old law failed because it is based on flawed ideas. It is founded
on regulation and punishment. If you look at the actual law by section
you see it is all about bureaucracy - consultation, permits, law
enforcement . . . there isn't even a section of the law called
"conservation", "saving" or "recovery".

It is a bureaucratic machine and its fruits are paperwork and court
cases and fines - not conserved and recovered endangered species. What
the Grassroots ESA Coalition and all Americans want to see is a law that
works for wildlife, not one that works against people.

The future of conservation lies in establishing an entirely new
foundation for the conservation of endangered species - one based on the
truism that if you want more of something you reward people for it, not
punish them. The debate that will unfold before the public is one
between methods of conservation.

The old way is shackled to the idea that Washington bureaucrats can come
up with a government solution through national land use control. It's
supporters do not want to acknowledge that the law has failed because
doing so would mean an end to the influence and power they have under
the old system.

The Coalition sees a new way that can actually help endangered species
because it stops punishing people for providing habitat and encourages
them to do so. It creates an opportunity for our officials - for
government - to reestablish trust and work with and earn the support of
citizens. The Grassroots ESA Coalition is working to promote this new

If you think that government bureaucracy works, that welfare stops
poverty, or that the DMV and Post Office operate the way they should,
then the old endangered species program is for you. If you do not, and
you want to conserve endangered species without wasting money, intruding
on people's lives and causing more pain and problems, then the
Grassroots ESA Coalition is for you.

Grassroots ESA Coalition, P. O. Box 423, Battle Ground, Washington 98604
-- (360) 687-2471 - FAX (360) 687-2973

Short List of Sponsoring Organizations (300 others):

Alaska Miners Association
Alliance for America
American Land Rights Association
American Policy Center
Americans For Tax Reform
Alliance for Resources and Environment
Blue Ribbon Coalition
California Forestry Association
Communities for a Great Northwest
Common Sense for Maine Forests
Competitive Enterprise Institute
Curry County Oregon Project
Davis Mountain Trans-Pecos Heritage
Defenders of Property Rights
Family Water Alliance
Grassroots for Multiple-Use
Idaho Farm Bureau
Landowners Association of North Dakota
League of Private Property Voters
Montanans for Multiple-Use
National Association of Mining Districts
National Center for Public Policy Research
National Trappers Association
Nationwide Public Projects Coalition
New Mexico Cattle Growers Association
Oregonians In Action
Oregonians for Food and Shelter
Pennsylvania Landowners Association
Rhode Island Wise Use
Washington Contract Loggers Association

Please respond to these questions and return to the Grassroots ESA

----- 1. I want to participate in the Grassroots ESA Coalition as an
individual (YES) (NO).

-----2. Please list our organization as a co-sponsor. (YES) (NO)

(Reminder - Can you authorize this group to be a participant in the
Grassroots ESA Coalition? There is no cost.)

Please e-mail your response back or fax to (360) 687-2973

Please forward this message as widely as possible.
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