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Help with my brakes!!

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I was installing new pads and rotors on my taco tonight, and one of the pistons on the l/f caliper got stuck. I cant compress it to re-install the pads. I'm totally pissed! :mad:
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joeylead said:
this probably isnt the best advice, but when changing my pads once, I compressed 2 pisions and a third pushed out to far where it got stuck. I just used a big c-clamp and it popped back in. Never had a problem even though fluid escaped from the seal when it overextended. I bled the lines and no problems for almost 20k.

good idea, but use a small piece of wood to keep from damaging the contact point.

and watch your brake fluid level to make sure you don't spill it all over your engine bay.
I'm gonna take it off and put it in a vise today. Hopefully I can free up the piston.
be careful, those contact points aren't very sturdy.. it's very easy to break them.. use something to spread the force out (wooden shim block)
1 - 2 of 25 Posts
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