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Help with my brakes!!

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I was installing new pads and rotors on my taco tonight, and one of the pistons on the l/f caliper got stuck. I cant compress it to re-install the pads. I'm totally pissed! :mad:
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nastynate said:
be careful, those contact points aren't very sturdy.. it's very easy to break them.. use something to spread the force out (wooden shim block)
I usually use the old spent brake pads and a c-clamp to compress the calipers. But it depends on how bad they are stuck. I wound up putting 2 new calipers on my fj40 last summer because only 2 out 4 pistons on each caliper were functioning. And the bores were scored up way too much for me to even bother attempting a rebuild. Reman calipers were $40 each from napa for the old cruiser.
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