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Help with my brakes!!

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I was installing new pads and rotors on my taco tonight, and one of the pistons on the l/f caliper got stuck. I cant compress it to re-install the pads. I'm totally pissed! :mad:
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yeah thats kinda what it feels like.
yeah-huh I sure did. It got dark and I got tired. So, I'll probably mess with it tommorow. :confused:
I'm gonna take it off and put it in a vise today. Hopefully I can free up the piston.
If I don't have any luck I'll just buy a new one. Hopefully it won't pull too bad so I don't have to buy one for the other side. :eek:
Well, I think I fixed it. I took the boot off of the bound up piston. Then I put air through the caliper to pop out the piston. I got the surface rust off the piston and slapped it back together. It seems to be functioning well. I'll have to do a couple road tests though. Watch out for a lifted green Tacoma tonight if your'e my way. ;)
Well, that seemed to work. The only issue I have now is bleeding the system.
I bled the hell out of them but there is still air in the system. Any tips or sugg's?
I just tried to gravity bleed the lines and it seemed to work OK. But now I don't have any brake pressure at the pedal. I tightened the bleeders down, filled the m/c with b/f. The m/c didnt seem to be completely empty, so I dont think air got into it. Maybe I should bleed the m/c just in case.
1 - 8 of 25 Posts
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