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I took a long shot and tried logging in with an email I have not used in almost 10 years and through several password changes and shenanigans was able to get my old account back that I opened in 2006! Awesome that this forum hasn't gone through some revision and dumped all my data. I don't think I've logged on here since about 2010. I've had my current 2004 Extended cab TRD Offroad for 12 years now and finally decided to replace it after 280k miles. I ended up with a 2013 double cab with the 6 speed and I'm having to learn to drive stick again even though the previous 3 Toyota trucks I've had have been MT. This 6 speed really takes some getting used to and it's got nothing to do with that extra gear.

Anyways, I'll be spending some more time here as I get this truck rigged up. It will be nothing like my 2004. That one had full custom bumpers front rear, winch, Deavers, burned through 3 sets of coilovers, etc. This one will be more tame as I just don't offroad as much as I used to, but I'll definitely be looking for advice and sharing the bumper build for this one, etc. Looking forward to getting back in the community.

The thing that brought me back is that I started looking for some info on what the current best option for a somewhat compact winch is. My M8000 was OK but had some issues from the get-go with a plastic piece inside melting down. I was able to fix it but never really trusted it after that. Maybe I just overheated it, but I think there was a short. What's the current recommendation for a decent winch. Synthetic line is a must.

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