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High Idle Problem

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OK, I've had a high idle problem for about 9 months now. I give up trying to figure it out. My idle will not drop below 1000 rpm, even after it's warmed up. It seems to be better on warm days, cause on colder days it will stay up around 1500 sometimes higher. I used to be able to hit my gas when it was stuck and it would come down, but now even that doesn't work. And on some occasions I'll press the clutch in and it will literally bounce up and down from 1000 to 1500 over and over till I engage the clutch again. I've done all these things below and now I've got nothing else.

I've replaced the throttle position sensor, checked for snags in the throttle cable, cleaned my throttle body, replaced Idle Air Control valve, checked for vacum leaks, checked to make sure the IAC was getting current through the wiring harness and still nothing. The only time it seems to be working fine is when I cover up the hole in the throttle body that leads to the IAC, which I thought would mean my IAC is bad. But I replaced it and I have no change. HELP pleaaaaase :xsmash:
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Oh yeah..thanks for reminding me. I have a 3.4.

And there is an idle adjustment screw, but it will only adjust to make it higher, and right now it's backed all the way out.
I'm trying to avoid taking it to any stealer cause I've already blown 160 on that IAC that i can't return now because it's an electronic part. I will if I can't get any ideas from here.
Yeah I'm sure there is, and I may have to break down. I'm just trying to avoid any extra costs, but you see what I've done and I dont' think I really have any more option.
akshunj said:
Brad are you sure the air passages in the throttle body that lead to/from the IACV are clean? If there is any kind of blockage in those little air passages it will screw your idle up.

How come you changed the TPS? That will not affect your idle.

There is some gunk buildup on the sides, but it's just dirty. Nothing is blocking the passage completely. There is just that one passage way into the IAC right? I replaced the TPS cause I read somewhere online that the TPS could cause it.
DakotaTacoma said:
My 2.7 always idles at 900-1000 when warmed up. I just accept it as is does not seem to be reving. Someone posted (~ 2weeks ago???) that you can adjust the idle lower by loosining the two phillips screws that attach the throttle to the throttle body and bumping it slightly to adjust the desired rpm. Have not tried it yet myself.

Up until this started, mine would idle at 750. I read that on the 3.4's you cannot adjust the idle, that's what the IAC is for. I don't get it, I think I may have to break down and take it into a shop.
grumpy said:
the FSM didn't say too much. but your suppose to hook up OBD scantool to it, any place you can take it to have done. Like autozone or kragen/checkers, etc???

What exactly am I looking for with the scan tool?
grumpy said:
it didn't really say, wasn't even a full page on it. mostly talked about the IAC and you said it was changed. it also said that all line etc hooked up.
that was for the 3.4 motor. sorry wasn't able to be more help.
my guess would be that the scantool would pick something up.

you already checked for leaks in allthe hoses right (tought I remember reading that earlier) how did you do that??? I use propane if a leak when propane gets sucked into engine idle will go up. jsut a thought

I may try that with the propane. I'm about to give up and take it in.
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