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Hollister Hills Run May 14th - 15th 2005 Norcal

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Hollister Hills Run May 14th - 15th 2005

There will be a run to Hollister Hills on May 14th and 15th. The main run will be on Saturday the 14th, but some people are going to be staying the weekend. Contact me if you need any further information at pete(at)

Hollister Hills Web Link:

Past Run, June 2004:
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I'm 99% sure i'll be there.
Im definetly my toe strap ready to go! I'll be camping down there also.
white_eskimo said:
let me get back to you on that as i am 17 and i dont know what the parents will say about camping at hollister which is a couple hours away without any friends :(

i might just go up friday night and camp with you guys and wheel in the morning, since it would save me from waking up early and driving. or i could just not do the speed limit :)

I'm 17 too, so you can tell your parents there will be people your age there....Just don't tell them i'm brown!

Pete, I sent you an e-mail!
white_eskimo said:
lol moms leaving that weekend so things keep looking better and better :) I am kinda afraid i might really screw up my 05 and i am not very mechanically gifted...
I hate you for having a new taco when your only 17! :eek:

I would make love to it everyday! LOL, what kind is it? TRD? X-Cab? D-Cab? Stock?

BTW, is it possible for anyone to head down there friday night? Would it still be $10 to camp? I'm just dying to leave home for an extra night.
Right on the front page of it says they will be closed on the 15th of this month? I hope we can stay the whole weekend!
Anybody heading down Friday? I'll be down there around 5-6pm.
Hollister Hills is off of Cienaga Road right? You turn left on Bloomfield from Highway 25, and turn right on Benito Street, and then a right on Union?

Just want to make sure I have the right directions......1st timer to Hollister.
Well one sammi "semi-flopped"....Going up a narrow 3 foot deep rivine and both his left tires slipped into the rivine and his whole left side just hugged the wall. He had to get winched out and the left side of his zuk was just being dragged right on the wall. The worse part was only his fenders were scraped up. Other than that another zuk got stuck in another rivine but was winched out also. Peter will make a better presentation on this run, but other than all the stops we had to do and the maintenance stops it was really fun! Word is also going around that Hollister just bought another plot of land they plan to use for the 4x4 Section.

Most of my pics are in the past events under 'Hollister Pics 5/14/05'
1 - 9 of 66 Posts
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