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Hollister Hills Run May 14th - 15th 2005 Norcal

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Hollister Hills Run May 14th - 15th 2005

There will be a run to Hollister Hills on May 14th and 15th. The main run will be on Saturday the 14th, but some people are going to be staying the weekend. Contact me if you need any further information at pete(at)

Hollister Hills Web Link:

Past Run, June 2004:
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I live pretty close. I'll be there.
Wait. I didnt know we could camp there. hmmm Do they allow night driving? Last time I asked they said NO!!!

How do we add anything to the calendar?
Haven't heard anything new about this run. Will there be enough Tacos Going? I am getting my camping gear ready....
Beds open huh. But that would mean I'd have to drive to Santa Rosa and back down here. Can You Flat Tow your Truck?
This is what we know for sure:

--Some of us are going to stay the night Friday and Saturday night.
--10am at the schoolhouse is fine.
--BBQ on Saturday night but you have to RSVP so we can have enough for everyone. I will provide (no charge) hotdogs and hamburgers for those that RSVP with how much they want (eg: 1 hamburger, 2 hamburgers, 1 hamburger and one hotdog etc.) Bring your own soda and whatever else you want.
--If we have enough people and the group site is open we will get it.

Go ahead and mail everyone, have those that are going to go e-mail me directly (pete(at) or post here so I can get a head count for those who will stay friday and/or saturday night, and those that want to eat. We will post about the camping arrangements first thing next week when I talk to the rangers down there.
RSVP me and my Ol Lady. We'll be there. Waht is that latest I can arrive there on Friday? I would be on my way there at around 6PM.
Also, Let me know if you need anything.
How late can they let us in on Friday? I would like to go both days too. BTW pete me and my girl will be eating too.
hawaiianbro said:
I'm 17 too, so you can tell your parents there will be people your age there....Just don't tell them i'm brown!

Pete, I sent you an e-mail!
What is wrong with Brown People. I dont get it. haha
Am puerto Rican so 80 % of my family is Brown in color.
I may get there Friday Late night.
So only 3-4 Heads are going there Friday?
So far I know that 4 trucks are going to be there Friday for sure from up here. This is about normal. Some people rsvp, others will just show up etc. No big deal. If no one else shows up, we will have plenty of fun with just us!
So are we going to be able to Wheel at night?
Zackattak said:
Nope, not allowed to wheel at night at Hollister. wheeling times are dawn to dusk.
Wierd how we can Camp overnite but not drive.
It sucks sleeping in the truck overnite. Its hella cold. Otherwise everything was Fun.
I thought you were looking for us but was wondering why you didnt stop.
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