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Hollister Hills Run May 14th - 15th 2005 Norcal

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Hollister Hills Run May 14th - 15th 2005

There will be a run to Hollister Hills on May 14th and 15th. The main run will be on Saturday the 14th, but some people are going to be staying the weekend. Contact me if you need any further information at pete(at)

Hollister Hills Web Link:

Past Run, June 2004:
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dont know about camping, but planning on bring my 05 and wheelin it there with you guys :)
just curious when more details will follow (i am guessing meeting place will be school house, but at what time?) i guess i am getting to excited about this event :) Some of the pictures on the site look pretty intense!
yup, i will definetly be there sat at 10am as well. guess that means i gotta get up extra early :( i am 30 min south of san francisco...
let me get back to you on that as i am 17 and i dont know what the parents will say about camping at hollister which is a couple hours away without any friends :(

i might just go up friday night and camp with you guys and wheel in the morning, since it would save me from waking up early and driving. or i could just not do the speed limit :)
I'm 17 too, so you can tell your parents there will be people your age there....Just don't tell them i'm brown!
lol moms leaving that weekend so things keep looking better and better :) I am kinda afraid i might really screw up my 05 and i am not very mechanically gifted...
I hate you for having a new taco when your only 17!

I would make love to it everyday! LOL, what kind is it? TRD? X-Cab? D-Cab? Stock?
alright saying its MY truck is a little bit of an overstatement :) it is a TRD access cab. I use to wheel a lot in an old land rover series IIA, but my dad loved that truck for some reason more than anything, and the car i got blew up (literally caught on fire, had to grab my radar detector and get the hell out!) Anyways, we got a big boat and we didnt really have a car that was capable of towing it. I wanted a thing to wheel in and haul people/junk around in so the taco seemed like the best choice for everyone in the family (mom just wanted a car that was safe) Its currently stock, and i actually think i will leave it that way for a while. It seems like i could either save up and buy a sick off road rig for myself, or spend a lot of money and time and pimp the new 05 which technically isnt even mine. I dunno, we will see what happens :) Put me down for camping on friday please, and if for some reason i cant i will let you know before hand. thanks!
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lol the roads are narrow and you dont want some guys hauling ass at night time up a one-way road and smashing into someone else... hope i can make it up tonight, if i can i will be LATE (2200)
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