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How do I fix those bed dents? (RUST)

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I'm more interested in repairing the huge missing chunks of paint and rust. I don't really care about the dents. I'm afraid if I let it go any longer that it's going to be too late. Any tips on what products to use to repaint or remove the rust. I thinking about using Duplicolor. BETTER yet sanding the entire truck and painting it Rustoleum Flat black. Thoughts? Tips?
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I thought of that one too.. I was hoping someone may have had a write up or something... I've got some stuff that eats off the rust but I'm not sure how I should repair the paint. It's cracked and flaked completely to the enamel on both sides below the rear window. I will probably have to unbolt the bed and slide it back a few inches.. It's going to be a fun project...
ptrautne said:
I just dented my cab and painted it to stop rusting. I sanded the area a good 3-4" around the exposed area to insure that there was no rust under the surface. After the sanding was done I used an "ColorPlace Rust Control Spray Enamel" Then I got Dupli Color spray from salvos that matches my paint. Here are pictures of what it looks like now and in the next few weeks I will spray the green color on and wet sand the area smooth and buff.
Doesn't look bad at all. Do you remember what the part# was to the duplicolor? I've got the same color truck (Imperial Jade).. Thanks,

ptrautne said:
When I get home I will give you the code. After I paint the truck I will tell you how well it matches
Thanks man. I appreciate it.. Maybe we can get another VA/MD wheeling trip in soon too...
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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