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Tacoma4Life06 said:
I have been wanting to put '01 taillights in my '99 tacoma. I was told that I could do this before on the other board, but I have a couple questions. I was talking about brighter reverse lights and was told that the Blazer 50 watt reverse bulbs wouldn't fit in the newer taillight housings.

When you put the newer taillights on the truck you are only using the housing right? I don't have to change out of the wiring harness? I was told all I need would be the housing and longer screws.

I'm wondering if I need anything else, because I would like to have those blazer bulbs instead of adding fog lights to the rear.
I just did this conversion, but with 02 lights on my 99. You just plug them in. Additionally, I took the lens off and trimmed the housing at the outside of the reverse bulb location, you'll see what I mean when you look at it. I am using the stock bulbs from Advanced Auto and it was a huge improvment from the 99's tailights, I can see great with my tinted windows now in the dark, which was nearly imposible before. I also had to buy some longer screws to install them since they are a deeper light, but they were like a buck at Lowes. Hope that helps.
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