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How much for ARB airlockers..........?

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For those with IFS still and airlocked front and rear, how much did you pay? I have 4.30's and don't plan on regearing because I won't run anything over 32's. I am very mechanically inclined, but I have never fooled with any installation like this. Could I do it myself because I am not regearing?
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SteveO said:
ARB will only honour the warranty if it is properly installed by one of their dealers. 99% of issues with the lockers are due to poor installation so I'd cough up and pay a shop. If you take out the third and take it to them you can save some cash. If you need a compressor let me know, I have an ARB that's about 10 months old I want to get rid of. ....Steve
It will be awhile before I do this, but thank you anyway. I'm just trying to gage money and time.
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