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how to straighten TRD Header flange?

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After hearing my slight header leak get louder and louder, I finally put in the time to figure out where its coming from. Turns out it's leaking where the y-pipe connects to the driver's side headers (right between the engine and the firewall). In any case, it looks like it was over-tightened when it was installed and the flanges are bent. I guess the gasket was too thick?? Anyway I plan to spend my weekend taking out the y-pipe and I need to re-straighten the flanges. Any ideas on the best way to do this?
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Thanks for your all your help. And I almost went out and bought another set of the TRD gaskets! I called a couple Toyota dealerships for the upgraded y-pipe and both said they don't sell it seperately. Can anyone tell me what part # it is (specifically for the 007 model headers)? What price range am I looking at?

Thanks again.
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